ASHI Access

New this Year!

What is ASHI Access?

ASHI Access is your online portal to educational information from a variety of sessions from the ASHI 42nd Annual Meeting. This portal allows you to view sessions virtually and includes speaker handouts, audio streaming presentations, MP3 downloadable files and so much more.


ASHI Access is a comprehensive body of knowledge readily accessible by anyone needing information from the 42nd Annual Meeting.

  • Convenient and easy to access audio synchronized to PowerPoint™ presentations for sessions at anytime and anywhere.
  • One place for professionals to find answers to session information.
  • Broad range of materials is consistent with today's latest research.
  • Sessions include: Plenary, Symposia, Concurrent Oral Abstracts, and Workshops
How do I purchase ASHI Access?

ASHI Access can be purchased when registering for the 42nd Annual Meeting or visit the registration desk to purchase ASHI Access.